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Margo Glantz: Narrative and Music

Ice Immersion Series 5

November 16-18, 2017

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ICE Immersion Series are designed to bring students, writers, and creators from different disciplinary, professional, and national backgrounds. In this way, we seek to create a platform for the exchange of opinions and ideas, and for developing new artistic and authorial projects both individually and in connection with others. Our Immersion Series is a space devoted to cultural exchange and creation between members of the local community and the wider sphere of cultural practitioners of the Americas. This non-degree granting workshop series does not only impact individual participants, but also cultivates ongoing cultural and social networks and linkages.

ICE Immersion Series admits a maximum of 35 students who may be practitioners from various artistic backgrounds or individuals interested in experiencing the creative process through a multidisciplinary venture. Lecturers are selected following the core multidisciplinary idea of creative exchange behind ICE.

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ICE Immersive Series are:

  1. Experiential: Ice Series are process driven: Participants are encouraged to create and to try things out, as learning happens in the process of doing. 
  2. Multidisciplinary and experiential: Ice Series bring together artist/lecturers working in a variety of fields.
  3. Curatorial Structure Program: Every component of Ice Series is conceptualized and designed from a curatorial perspective. Thematic, aesthetic, political or cultural concerns will animate the choices of artists, projects, movements and disciplines.

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