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ICE cultivates and fosters the imagination of artists in Canada, and across the Americas, by creating a space where artists can freely explore diverse cultural creative processes and multi-disciplinary artistic expressions.

The Institute for Creative Exchange - Americas (ICE) is a non-profit organization that brings together artists, writers, academics, and cultural practitioners in an interdisciplinary international exchange that allows untapped stories and artistic practices to unfold.

As our world becomes increasingly polarized, artists require new tools to discuss forms of resistance and to explore different cultural expressions that move beyond Canada’s geographical borders and language. Our goal is to support artists expand their views and explore modes of communication that lie outside of their current realm.

In Canada, we have learned to identify with our neighbour to the South, but less with our peers in the Americas. Yet, our collective history and the history of the indigenous peoples of this continent point to the need to reposition ourselves as part of the Americas. While our goal is to eventually host artistic exchanges between artists from around the world, we believe that as Canadians we must first understand and reconcile our Pan-American identity in order to fully understand our relationship with others.


ICE Immersion Series are designed to bring students, writers, and creators from different disciplinary, professional, and national backgrounds. In this way, we seek to create a platform for the exchange of opinions and ideas, and for developing new artistic and authorial projects both individually and in connection with others. Our Immersion Series is a space devoted to cultural exchange and creation between members of the local community and the wider sphere of cultural practitioners of the Americas. This non-degree granting workshop series does not only impact individual participants, but also cultivates ongoing cultural and social networks and linkages.

ICE Immersion Series admits a maximum of 35 students who may be practitioners from various artistic backgrounds or individuals interested in experiencing the creative process through a multidisciplinary venture. Lecturers are selected following the core multidisciplinary idea of creative exchange behind ICE.

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ICE Immersive Series are:

  1. Experiential: Ice Series are process driven: Participants are encouraged to create and to try things out, as learning happens in the process of doing. 
  2. Multidisciplinary and experiential: Ice Series bring together artist/lecturers working in a variety of fields.
  3. Curatorial Structure Program: Every component of Ice Series is conceptualized and designed from a curatorial perspective. Thematic, aesthetic, political or cultural concerns will animate the choices of artists, projects, movements and disciplines.

Apply now to our next ICE Immersion Series, conducted by Margo Glantz.