What is common to a specific language may trigger a revolution in a different one.

The Institute for Creative Exchange (ICE) is a newly formed organization dedicated to motivating and nurturing artistic creative expression with a focus on creative processes. ICE seeks to bring writers, visual artists, musicians, choreographers, and other cultural practitioners in an interdisciplinary international exchange that will redefine the evolution and innovation of art practices in the Americas. 

ICE team is formed by artists, academics, researchers and writers with interdisciplinary credentials.

Founding members

Ximena Berecochea

Ximena Berecochea holds a PhD in Latin American Literature from the University of Toronto. She has taught literature, language, and visual art courses in Mexico (La Esmeralda, CNA), and Canada (University of Toronto and York University). Aside from her academic training, Ximena has worked as a photo-based visual artist since 1990 and her art work has been published and exhibited in galleries and museums internationally. In both her academic research and her artwork, Ximena has explored the relations and particularities between verbal language and that of the visual images.

Salvador Alanis

Salvador Alanis is a TV producer, marketing executive and awarded writer. He launched and produced reality shows such as Big Brother, Fear Factor and One Last Shot. With 25+ years of experience, he has developed communication campaigns for Fortune 500 brands. In 2008, he founded The Bakery, a content creation shop in Toronto. Salvador has been awarded by the National Fund for the Arts in Mexico and has been an artist in residency at the Banff Centre for the Arts. He won the Multimedia Prize at the Video and Electronic Arts Biennial of Mexico. Salvador has published six books, and his visual work has been displayed in several solo and group exhibitions. 

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