ICE Reactor Bootcamp


ICE Reactor Bootcamp


ICE Reactor Bootcamp, September 17 to 11, 2018

During an intensive five-day period you will get the basic tools, methodology and insights that creative business and professionals need in order to become valuable contributors to the Canadian creative industry. If you are a professional working on the Creative Industries, such as freelancers, social media specialists, web designers, music producers, etc., this bootcamp will help you expand your business to Canada.

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What your company will get on this bootcamp

  1.  Create and sell "Brand Me“
  2.  What’s it like to be a professional creative
  3.  Effective Teamwork and cross selling with other creative companies
  4.  Work Life Balance   
  5.  How to Pitch (to clients, partners and investors)   
  6.  Innovation & Creativity
  7.  Canadian Creative Market
  8.  Finances, Legal & Accountability

Terms and conditions: 

  • Participating companies will need to submit business concept at the moment of submission. 
  • Travellers should have valid passport and be able to travel legally to Canada (i.e.: have Canadian visa or E.T.A.).
  • Travel and accommodation costs are not included in ICE Reactor rates. ICE could recommend alternatives for this matters in case the applicant needs them.
  • Space is limited to 20 people, with a maximum of 2 people per company.
  • Fees should be covered before the start of the program and are non-refundable.