ICE Creative Skills

Starting October 2019, we will offer skill developing programs to help you use creative tools on your daily life. All this workshops happen every week for 10 weeks, and include materials and discounts on our ICE Immersion Series and events.

Sign up for two workshops and get 10% off. Sign for four workshops and get 20% off.

Creative tools for Small Business Marketing

We all love creative communications. Recent studies show that creative-oriented marketing campaigns are more effective to sale products than regular campaigns. However, for small business owners, creativity seems to be difficult to afford. If you’re a small business owner and you want to develop creative marketing communications efforts to build a healthy brand, come to learn tips, hear successful business cases and meet other entrepreneurs that share the same interests and concerns.

Every week, for 10 weeks, participants of this workshop will have the opportunity to develop creative ideas for their business, according to their particular business objectives and budget. The objective will be to establish the right strategic guidelines, plan, and develop a creative campaign that will be discussed with the group and be ready to be implemented.

Cost for 10 weeks: $250 CAD + HST.

Spanish for beginners - Learn the language and understand Hispanic references

If you don’t have a Spanish background at all, and you want to understand what’s happening in the vibrant hispanic contemporary culture world, this is the place to start. We believe learning a language is easier if we can find cultural references that help us to establish connections with our own expression. In this workshop you will learn the language, together with some cultural elements that will ease the understanding of hispanic communication.

These 10 sessions are designed to give you a basic foundation for oral communication. Come to two hour lessons, once-a-week for 10 weeks, for a total of 20 instructional hours offered on Saturdays from 11am to 1pm. Your fee includes tuition and all course materials (which will be sent via email every week).

Cost for 10 weeks: $250 CAD + HST.

Narrative workshop

Whether you are an experienced fiction writer or an artist looking for storytelling tools to create a new project, this workshop will help you build narrative structures for your next work. Together we will explore different narrative modes and collectively discuss your work to define new strategies and ideas. This workshop is open to artists of all disciplines. The only requirement is to have a general idea of a story you would like to build on your new work.

Cost for 10 weeks: $250 CAD + HST.

Photography workshop

If you’re passionate about photography and want to build a strong photo series, this workshop is for you. Learn how to create a photo discourse that could form a collection, a book, a digital publication or an exhibition. Every week, we will discuss your work and explore different scenarios to build a consistent photography project.

Cost for 10 weeks: $250 CAD + HST.