1. How can I apply and what's the cost of participation?

It’s easy! Click on the sign up button and fill in the application form. Some workshops require special information or qualifications. For specific application requirements and deadlines, please check out the workshop description. Cost per series is of $550 CAD + HST.

2. Do I need to be an artist to apply?

No, you can be an artist but is not a requirement. Any person interested in expanding expression scope and experimenting with different media would be a perfect fit for ICE’s Immersion Series.

3. What is the criteria for ICE’s selection of participants?

ICE main objective is to bring together persons working in different fields of the arts or culture so that the group collaboration is enriched and diverse. Our selection process is based how your motives or interests dialogue with the theme, directors and rest of participants. 

4. Is lunch included in the tuition fee?

No, however, ICE will provide daily snacks. 

5. Do I get a degree or diploma?

ICE Immersion Series is all about the experience. Participants won’t pursue a degree or a diploma. ICE offers the opportunity to create and explore creativity in diverse media. Additionally, the participants will have the possibility of exhibiting the collective or individual work produced during the five- day immersion 

6.  Are there any scholarships available?

Not at this moment. 

7. What's the schedule for the five-day Immersion Workshop? 

Immersion Workshops are planned as full-day experiences and normally run from Wednesday to Sunday. However, this might change according to the program. You will receive a detailed schedule with your preparation materials.