By Nicolas Vergara

Speaking about days, the only reason for writing 90 days instead of 93 or 91 (if those days happen in a leap-year) is the same one that supports prices such as $3.99. Deadlines and sales have something in common —Andres thought— and also those kinds of numbers that physics and real scientists know are pale, dark and unstable. 

The closest city from the United States border was Buffalo. Andres and Vivian had done that trip many times before. However, for Andres the number and dimension of the electric stations that were visible everywhere was always something new. A long time ago, in his native country Serbia, one of his friends said that it was possible to measure the country´s economy just by considering its energy supply. When he made the trip between Toronto and Buffalo for the first time, he also wondered if the shape of the electric stations —which could easily be confused with UFO remains -  could say something else about Canada. So many cables were crossing the river that separate the United States and Canada, so many that they made him think the countries were trying to show how many cables could be extended between them, and how proud they felt about that.

When they got to the border, Vivian asked for the fiancé visa. The border official gave her a paper for signing, which has a big blue eagle at the center.  

The eagle has the same pose as a fly resting on a window. 

Andres signed it and waited for his passport back. The official gave him the passport and theyheaded to the bus. They had been planning what they would do during these 90 days in the U.S. Here is the list with potential activities:

  1. Visiting Chicago and verifying how much better it is than NYC
  2. A Road trip that follows the beatnik movement across the country
  3. Going to one of the famous bridges in San Francisco and spitting
  4. Finding a job looking after horses
  5. Going to a gospel church and trying to became friends with the community and—why not— become part of the chorus
  6. Visiting the publisher of magazines addressed to veterans and have a networking meeting with the journalists there. 
  7. Developing an international art performance between London, Ontario and Paris, Texas.

To be continued

Poet Nicolás Vergara (Santiago de Chile, 1981), lives and works in Toronto.