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Art & Collectivity

Our third ICE Immersion series will be conducted by writer and professor Eva-Lynn Jagoe and Public Studio artists and founders: filmmaker Elle Flanders and architect Tamira Sawatzky.

Art and Collectivity is a multidisciplinary workshop that seeks to engage in artistic praxis around questions of social justice, environment, and political ideologies. Visual artists, activists, writers, city dwellers, and social media users are all invited to participate in this 4-day workshop in which we will share our ideas and practices of living in this moment and this landscape. On our last day, the group will decide on the best way to display the work produced (a publication, a show, a collective action, etc...).

How can we rethink our own capacities, not as individuals, but as potential members of a collectivity, to create, contribute, and collaborate with each other? Participants will draw from their particular areas of expertise or interest to contribute to the group, but will also be pushed to think beyond their own disciplinary boundaries. This workshop is not about individual self-expression, but about solidarity, about collective power and collective artistic expression. 

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Eva-Lynn Jagoe is a professor of Comparative Literature in Toronto. She is the author of two books: a creative non-fiction memoir, Take Her, She's Yours, and an academic monograph entitled The End of the World as They Knew It: Writing Experiences of the Argentine South. She writes essays and articles about attention, intimacy, motherhood, film, literature, and visual art. Eva-Lynn teaches classes at University of Toronto on experimental writing, Latin American Cinema, and collectivity. She’s also the co-organizer of an artist residency at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity. On the side, she is an Iyengar yoga instructor.

Elle Flanders completed her PhD at York University’s newly created practice-based research visual arts program in 2014 and has mentored with some of the art world’s most notable artists, including Mary Kelly and Martha Rosler, at the Whitney ISP and Rutgers University, respectively. Flanders has a strong history of community engagement and has created award-winning films and installations. Her longstanding interest in the socio-political realm and how it relates to landscape have led her, in collaboration with Sawatzky, to produce site-specific public art installations that are immersive and re-examine the role of audience as participant/witness.

Tamira Sawatzky is an architect by training, having worked for the firm MJMA in Toronto from 1999–2010, designing large-scale, award-winning, community-based projects. Sawatzky began a collaborative art practice with Elle Flanders in 2009, bringing a spatial focus that contributes to the development of immersive installations and multifaceted exhibitions. Sawatzky’s architectural background lends itself to an emphasis on the structural, provoking a conversation between art and architecture and the politics of landscape and place. Since forming Public Studio, Sawatzky and Flanders have garnered critical attention, winning several public art commissions and awards, including the 2013 Toronto Friends of the Visual Arts Award. A publication about their work is slated to be published by Black Dog Press in 2018.

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