ICE Reactor: Business Accelerator for your creative company in Toronto

ICE Reactor offers a specialized and high level platform for Creative Industry entrepreneurs and talent, to expand operations in one of the most in demand locations worldwide

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Explore international opportunities in Canada

ICE Reactor is designed to help your creative company with more than two years of operation and proven track record to expand into the Canadian Market. ICE Reactor offers soft-landing services and a flexible acceleration period to explore potential internationalization opportunities at minimum risk. Located in the creative heart of Toronto, ICE Reactor offers you a unique platform for business development, legal and financial advice and business culture consultancy. 

Flexible dates to help you plan your experience

To help you design your acceleration program in Canada, we offer you flexible start up dates with an ongoing application process. Acceleration process will take from one to six months from the moment you arrive to Reactor. Please choose your best option in the application form. If you have any questions,  send us an email to . Get the best option according to your needs!

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A high-value Market

Canada is a strategic market for creative entrepreneurs, as it is an internationally recognized production and distribution center for creative products that feeds the global market.Canadian Creative Industry generates more than 85 billion dollars in revenue every year creating 1.1 million jobs. Ontario alone accounts for 12.2 billion dollars in revenue with more than 10,000 companies driving this exciting sector. 

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A Market with strong incentives

The Canadian Creative Industry has an important number of Co-Production Agreements with different countries such as, Ireland, New Zealand and China, making Canada a cost competitive and attractive location to develop this sector. Canada is the first country outside Europe part of Eurimages. The Creative Industry Support Funds and Fiscal Incentives extend to different streams of creativity, such as video games, music, film & television, production and digital innovation as well as literary productions.

ICE Reactor is designed to service creative companies in this group:

  • Museums and galleries
  • Cultural organizations and festivals
  • Applied arts and crafts
  • Performing arts companies
  • Music companies and organizations
  • Art direction companies
  • Photographers
  • Industrial design companies and antiques
  • Publishers and printers
  • Booksellers
  • Graphic and interior design companies
  • Fashion design companies
  • Jewelry designers
  • Toys and games designers
  • Media and electronic arts companies
  • Film, TV, audio and digital production companies
  • Videogame and VR production companies
  • Architects
  • Advertising and Communication agencies
  • Culture and arts promoters

What your company will get in these three months

  1. Co-working space for one person, with basic services included
  2. Key contacts with industry leads and business support advisors and organizations
  3. Contact and networking with other creative and artistic entrepreneurs, companies and organizations, as well as key individuals in the industry that can help you connect to interested parties in your creative products and concept outputs
  4. Opportunity to meet with potential investors
  5. Membership to the ICE creative and artistic Community

Our costs

ICE Mentorship Plan: $4,500 CAD for 3 months

Includes ICE Reactor services + Canadian business culture mentorship (total value of $9,000 CAD)

ICE Reactor Plan: $700 CAD per month, up to a maximum of six months

Includes all services described above.