Unfold is a documentary following the creative process of a generation of Mexican artists that generated a substantial impact on contemporary Mexican culture. Produced by The Bakery and ICE (Institute for Creative Exchange), the film was directed by Ximena Berecochea and Salvador Alanis.


Unfold: Mexican artists of the 90’s

Unfold explores the creative process of 20 Mexican artists that emerged in the 90’s that currently have a strong presence in the international contemporary art scene. Narrated by the artists themselves, Unfold presents the beginnings, points of coincidence, creative opinions and life experiences that made a significant mark, changing the rules of contemporary art making in Mexico.

Why Mexican artist from the 90’s?

The selection of these artists stems from an important shift in Mexican contemporary art practices. This group of artists broke with previous conceptions of art making in Mexico. Exposed to new technologies, exchanges and ideas, a large group of creators pushed to evolve the dialogue that Mexican art had with traditions, institutions and distribution spaces. Additionally, important promotion was given to interdisciplinary work since the creation of the National Fund for Culture and Arts (Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes, FONCA) in 1989. FONCA programs, were instrumental to gather artists from various disciplines, generating a community in which different art forms coexisted very closely.

The Institute for Creative Exchange



A film by Ximena Berecochea and Salvador Alanis

Production by Muna Cann, Ulises Mora, Gustavo Artigas, Claudia Morales

Music by Rodrigo Sigal

Sound design and mix by Sergio Autrey

Edited by Jorge Navarro and Salvador Alanis

Direct sound by Adrián Cuevas

Special thanks to Fondo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes de México for the support in the production of this film

Documentary, 121 minutes